I feel you in your absence. A severed limb, A skipped heartbeat. Gone, like the blossoms of yesteryear, Slain by the violence of winter’s war. Yet, the feeling remains. You live in whispers, Abiding in echoes. The traces of phantom pain.   © Michael Iannucci-Berger

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How unbearable it is, The essence of being. To behold the Joy’s of a multitude, And their sorrows. To climb to the highest precipice, And plunge to the deepest depths. Dancing across the strand, between the sea and sky. Between the clash of elements, the coalescence of wind and water. To fight is to be […]

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When I was young, I dreamed of swords and dragon fire. I dreamed a dream of ancient seas, Crossed by the oarsmen of the Achaeans. I dreamed of venturing across golden sands, To win untold glories. Yet as the waves roll, The years have passed on by. Now I dream a mightier dream, As Odysseus […]

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“Love does not alter the beloved, it alters itself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

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In the Heat of the Moment

In the end, What really matters? The laurels and honors? The accolades held on high? The world moves on. Grinding forward, In the heat of the moment.   Blood on the pavement. The fighter stands, Broken on the edge of shattered hopes. Reeling like a drunkard, He falls.

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Hell’s Kitchen

They live in the blank spaces, In the places between. Fed on the edges of shattered hope, The outcast grind onward. From factory floor, to mine shaft, The clatter of hammers pounds through the hours. Quotas were met and blood was shed, the hours passing in hell’s kitchen. Slinking home, Staggering like drunken men. Among […]

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“I rebel; therefore I exist” – Albert Camus

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