How unbearable it is, The essence of being. To behold the Joy’s of a multitude, And their sorrows. To climb to the highest precipice, And plunge to the deepest depths. Dancing across the strand, between the sea and sky. Between the clash of elements, the coalescence of wind and water. To fight is to be […]

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When I was young, I dreamed of swords and dragon fire. I dreamed a dream of ancient seas, Crossed by the oarsmen of the Achaeans. I dreamed of venturing across golden sands, To win untold glories. Yet as the waves roll, The years have passed on by. Now I dream a mightier dream, As Odysseus […]

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Trapped under the ice. A sea of waking glass. An ecstasy of motion, The universal touch. Jagged shores of time, Belaying the foundations Of the house of eternity.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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I have heard it, Wafting through the trees, Caressing the budding branches. I have heard it, Coursing through the rivers, Roaring through wind-washed stones. I have heard it, Alone in the mountains, Cutting through the silent airs. I have heard it, Deep in my chest, The anthem of our creation, The timeless music of the […]

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The Salt-Wife

All the tears in your eyes, The salt sea out to the horizon. A sky of charcoal, Waves dark as basalt. Of Hidden things, Mystery beyond time. The salt-wife weeps for the mariner’s passing, But it is he who sees beneath the veil of the waves.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The Wind’s Edge

The expanse. A world of green-grey glass, Split asunder. An ecstasy of motion, An arrow of time. A needle of silver, Driven on the wind’s edge. Freedom.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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