The Salt-Wife

All the tears in your eyes, The salt sea out to the horizon. A sky of charcoal, Waves dark as basalt. Of Hidden things, Mystery beyond time. The salt-wife weeps for the mariner’s passing, But it is he who sees beneath the veil of the waves.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The Dark

I loved you in the dark, In the spaces between. Beyond reason’s stifling light. Your arms around me, Like eagle’s talons, Guide me skyward in your embrace.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The Wind’s Edge

The expanse. A world of green-grey glass, Split asunder. An ecstasy of motion, An arrow of time. A needle of silver, Driven on the wind’s edge. Freedom.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The Fisher King

Three to nine, Three to nine. Like the old man said, The clockface spanning his arms. Hand over hand, The liquid motion, Made solid under the strain. The Fisher-king and his quarry, Bound by a length of monofilament.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The Devil’s Anvil

A world of ash. The guns of August have given way to winter’s war. An underworld of mud and blood, Of teeth gnashing in the night. The world sleepwalks towards doom, Shaping itself on the face of the devil’s anvil.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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