Food for thought

“What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is only related to objects, and not to individuals, or to life.” – Michel Foucault

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Hell’s Kitchen

They live in the blank spaces, In the places between. Fed on the edges of shattered hope, The outcast grind onward. From factory floor, to mine shaft, The clatter of hammers pounds through the hours. Quotas were met and blood was shed, the hours passing in hell’s kitchen. Slinking home, Staggering like drunken men. Among […]

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“I rebel; therefore I exist” – Albert Camus

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Trapped under the ice. A sea of waking glass. An ecstasy of motion, The universal touch. Jagged shores of time, Belaying the foundations Of the house of eternity.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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The silence is dangerous. A deafening symphony of the void. Whispers of the places beyond time, Across a sea of stars, Darkly dreaming. Pin-pricks in the floor of heaven. Basking in the funeral pyre of creation, The magnum opus of ancient time.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger    

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I have heard it, Wafting through the trees, Caressing the budding branches. I have heard it, Coursing through the rivers, Roaring through wind-washed stones. I have heard it, Alone in the mountains, Cutting through the silent airs. I have heard it, Deep in my chest, The anthem of our creation, The timeless music of the […]

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Let the past go. The ashes of yesteryear, Washed away by the rains of spring. The thunder of artillery, The trappings of winter’s war, Rusted away in the barren places. Winter’s last gasp. Foundered around the rosy blossoms.     © Michael Iannucci- Berger  

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